saturday was my last high school dance ever, not that i've been to too many. we went as a dance company group and so i decided it would be fun to ask one of the boys who is on the company with me.
his name is erick and is was such a fun date. 
the night started at q's house. his dad is a photographer and he set up a mini studio in their garage.
{i don't have those pictures yet}
then we went to winger's roadhouse grill. erick and i both got sticky fingers which are my fav. 
after a yummy dinner, we headed to the school for the dance. we had fun dancing for a short time until the dj went sort of psycho. because kids weren't "jumping straight up and down" he stopped the music and ordered administration to escort some random kids out. this process took forever and before it was over our whole group decided to go out into the parking lot to start our own dance party. people followed our trend and before we knew it, everyone that was attending the dance was outside partying it up with us. mr. clinton, our assistant principal, was in a funk and in the end they called the cops. 
when we all found out the cops were coming a flood of kids tried to get back into the dance, but they wouldn't have it. the dance was over at roughly around 10:15...yikes.
during all of this, a sophomore was on the phone with one of his "dj friends" and was planning another party.
once confirmed, a bunch of the groups from the dance headed to foothill park, where these dj's were setting up. 
this party was BUMPIN'.
literally ten times better than the dance at the school.
dances at school << dances at foothill.
the crowd doesn't look too huge, but boy it was fun.
 the music was crazy loud and we all knew the cops were going to get called. the party surprisingly lasted longer than any of us would have thought and of course, the po-po came. 
once the party got shut down, our group went to maddie's. i was only there for about ten minutes before calling it a night. 
this was honestly the most fun dance i have ever been to. it was a night that i'll always remember. 
shout out to my date, erick, for being so awesome and fun! 

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