+ Erika Ann Mouritsen
+ 19
+ From UT, USA
+ Youngest in family to older sister Laci
+ Crazy in love with a boy named, Davis. He's perfect. Learn about him {here}.
+ Dancer and creator.
+ Social Media Addict: Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook...
+ Selfie Lover
+ Clean Freak
+ Can't keep her nails painted for longer than a few days.
+ Food Lover
Here on my blog you'll see pictures of me, my friends, my boyfriend. You'll read about my fun experiences and past times. Honestly, you'll pretty much see it all. I didn't create this blog to get tons of readers or to become known. I created this blog for me. I'm not good at journal writing, but I have this blog to documents my experiences. I am so excited to look back and read what I had to say at this time in my life. Although I said I didn't create this blog so that tons of people would read it, I know that people do. I am overly grateful them. It is crazy to me that I have friends, family, and even people I don't know that read and are so nice to me. It makes my blogging experience that much better. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you stay awhile.

Wanna see me throughout the years of 2007-2012?
Check out my old retired blog {HERE}.
There are five years worth of posts and memories stored there.

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