this is my cat homer.
i didn't really like him when my mom brought him home a little over a year ago.
{actually i hated him}
he was evil.
i would try to be nice to him and pet him, but then he would turn on me.
bite me. scratch me...not nice.
then davis came along. homer was literally in love with him; davis felt the same.
as i saw their love for each other grow, i honestly became sooo jealous.
i decided that i needed to change my relationship with homer. i needed to make it better.
over time, homer has grown up and become a nice majestic cat.
he has settled down and doesn't turn on me as much.
 {he still does sometimes. that little brat.}
i've tried snuggling with him and being nice to him and so, i've learned to like him.
he is actually pretty dang cute... i mean look at him.
because homer is very very cute {and cross-eyed} davis decided to make him an instagram.
if you have an instagram and love cuteness i would recommend you give homer a follow.

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