i could go on for days about why i love being in a relationship with davis. it's crazy to me that just a year ago things were barley getting started, now it feels like it's been forever. i've hung out with davis almost everyday for the past year. the only time i haven't seen davis is when either he or i was out of town, which is very rare. i've only spent a total of probably 2 1/2 weeks away from this boy and i love every second i get to spend with him. there are many reasons why i love our relationship but i'm going to fill you in on a few of my favorite ones.

1. having this boy as my boy toy has given me the right to wear his comfy t-shirts. this one is my favorite. it's sooo comfy to wear and it also has our favorite basketball player on it.

2. this boy has taught me to love basketball. seeing that ball is davis' life, it is fitting that he has gotten me to love the sport. i love watching davis play everyweek. i also love watching nba with him. we've even had the chance to attend a lakers game together while we were in california this past march.

3. i always have cuddle buddy. cuddling is honestly one of my favorite things to do and lucky for me, it's one of his favorite things too. we LOVE to cuddle.

4. he loves food just as much as i do. davis and i totally love going out and eating together. our favorite places include wingnutz and five guys just to name a few. we love trying new things and spending time together just talking and enjoying yummy food. this makes us sound like a bunch of pigs...which, i mean, sometimes we are. ;)

5. last but not least, davis is my absolute best friend. i don't know how i would survive without him. i mean, i could but i sure don't want to. i can completely be myself around him. he knows the side of me that no one ever sees. i'm so comfortable around him and can tell him anything. whenever i need a friend, he's there. there is no one in the world that i would rather call mine at this moment in my life. we're young and loving each other's company. we have the greatest time when we are together, even if we are sitting around doing nothing at all. i love this kid with all my heart and i know for a fact that he loves me.

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