shirt: pac sun// hoodie: victoria's secret 
it's a rainy day here today. i'm bundled up and LOVING this weather. i made some rainy day cookies and have enjoyed relaxing. there isn't anything too exciting to blog about at the moment since i'm still waiting on the pictures from tubing, {post to come} but i still wanted to stop in and say hello to my readers. i am so thankful for the few of you who read my blog. although i blog because i think it is fun to keep what is like an online journal, the readers and followers definitely make it more enjoyable, so thank you! 
OH, i went for a run today for the first time in... a while. i haven't wanted to run in a while because of the heat and so i thought today would be a perfect day to so, which it was. it's been hard for me to stay motivated lately though. i know it's what i should be doing, but i just well, sort of hate it! what do you guys do to stay motivated?? i'm DYING over here and would love any advice. why can't we live in a perfect world where we can eat all the food we want, never work out, and have the perfect body?! {sign} only in my dreams.
anyways, i hope everyone enjoys their rainy 7-11 day. if you got a free slurpee, i am beyond jealous of you.

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