Where to begin... Saturday Davis got taken to the BYU game by our next door neighbor Kade, so I stayed at home and watched the game. I actually watched the game and it was actually a lot of fun! I can't wait to go to the BYU vs Utah game next weekend with the boys. Now, Saturday was the day of the crazzzzzy storm so the game got delayed two hours, but once the storm calmed down everyone was finally able to watch it. Davis got completely soaked, but he said he had a great time. Since I was watching the game from home, during half time I went for a run. It was beautiful outside and the weather was perfect for running. The park next to our house was turned into a pond for the night because of the insane amount of rain. There were people swimming, tubing, and canoeing in the new pond. After my run, my mom and I went to Roll Up Crepes in Orem. If you haven't been, run don't walk! We shared a dinner crepe and each got our own dessert ones, boy was it good.

Last Monday, Davis and Grandpa Elison went golfing here at Sleepy Ridge so I was there to greet them at hole ten. Davis' grandpa is seriously the sweetest man around and wanted to take a picture with me. (don't mind my pale skin and no make up.) Davis did an awesome job and played one of the best rounds of golf he's ever played. 

Life right now is divine. I've been teaching a lot at Dance Showcase and (almost) loving every minute of it. It is so much fun to be in charge of a class and to be able to help these girls grow as dancers. For the most part, they are a fun bunch to teach. I've been having fun hanging out, watching Davis play basketball and cuddling with my boo thang while watching Breaking Bad. 
Time next time, XOXOXO.

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