today was officially my last day of high school EVER!! 24 hours from now i will be an orem high school. graduate, class of 2013. umm... wait, WHAT!? i'm already graduating? how is this real?

this morning i had to be to school bright and early {6:30 am} for the senior send-off assembly practice. it was hard getting up this morning, but it was bittersweet. it was the last time i would ever have to get up to go rehearse for an assembly. shucks, it was my last assembly ever as an orem high student {tear}. i was lucky because i was able to perform with the seniors of odc one last time on the orem high stage. it wasn't our best performance, but it felt good to move and perform. i don't get the opportunity to dance as much as i used to. i have always enjoyed being able to dance in front of my peers in assemblies and at half times. it was fun to show off what i could do one last time before saying goodbye. i had miss hunter film our last dance and i want to share it... {don't kill me girls!} like i said, it wasn't our greatest performance. the dance looks a little messy. {okay, it looks really messy...} we hadn't even thought about it since our concert which was at the beginning of the month. i'm proud of these girls. i'm so happy to have them as sisters. even though it was messy it was totally us. like liz said on our last day of dance company,  "we are one dysfunctional family". the messiness fit us perfectly.

after the assembly i got my last yearbook. for not being at school a lot this year, i was in the book more than i had planned so that was pretty cool. since i didn't have a ton of friends this year, and only a few close ones, i didn't have many people sign my yearbook. i got the people who i cared about to, and then went to get my cap and gown...

ignore my closet behind me...

as i went up to the library to get my graduation attire, this is when things started to feel real. i can't believe that my years of high school are over. i am finally graduating! when i was little, graduation seemed so far away. even when i was a sophomore, it seemed like it couldn't come fast enough, but it did. it's already all over. i wish i would have realized how fast it was going to fly past me. i have mixed emotions about the whole graduation thing. i'm so excited to finally be out of there. no more of that lame "school" stuff. i'll miss the fun parts high school: dances, odc, student council, football games, assemblies... the list goes on and on. i will for sure miss high school even though all i talked about all year was how much i hated it. there are some things i regret and wish i could go back redo, but for the most part i loved high school. i love orem high. i wouldn't give up the experience i had there for the world. that place will always feel like a second home.

tomorrow i get to walk with my class and receive my diploma. i finally get to step through the "o" and have my name read aloud in front of the whole audience. having my name read is a pretty huge accomplishment. when they read your name to everyone, they are pretty much saying, "you did it." it's like the icing on the cake. it's taken some hard work to make it through high school. some rough times and some amazing times. i'm so happy that i made it and never gave up.

CLASS OF 2013, WE DID IT!!!!


  1. i love watching you dance! so good! congrats on graduating!!

    1. oh my gosh! thank you desi! that's soo nice! congrats on making dance company by the way! it will be the most memorable experience of high school!


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