part one: a graduation.

may 30, 2013: part one of my memorable day starts with high school graduation. I DID IT! i never thought this day would come. before i could even blink, it was already over. i got up this morning soo excited. i put on my new shoes and dress {which i was soooo stoked to wear} and was ready to rumble. my graduation was at 9am but the earliness and lack of sleep didn't slow me down one bit. 
as i waited in the tunnel, i was getting butterflies. this was MY graduation. my once and a life time experience was right before my eyes. how do you not get butterflies when you think, "i'm about to graduate high school"? i was also thinking, "please don't trip in these huge heels..." {i didn't by the way. go me!} i walked out to my seat in my cap and gown and this is when it really felt real. i said yesterday in my post that when i got my cap and gown, that's when it felt real... nope, this was the real moment. the ceremony began and of course it flew by. everything lately has been going way faster than i want it to. i got my chance to walk through the "o" and i received this..

i am officially a high school graduate! it still doesn't seem real. i've said to davis more times today then i can remember, "babe, your girlfriend just graduated high school!!" i'm sure he's sick of hearing it but hey... i'm just too excited. i want to go to the top of the mountains and yell to the world "I JUST GRADUATED!!!"

afterwords, we took the typical graduation pictures. it was bittersweet. that's probably the best way to describe it all. it was sad seeing everyone leave the uccu center. that was the last time i will see almost everyone in my class, or any of the other ohs student for that matter! we're all about to move on with life and go onto do amazing things. it's crazy to think that 10 years down the road we'll all be grown up and going back for our 10 year high school reunion. we're going to start college and families and god only knows that else. a lot of the boys in my class already have their mission calls. some of them will be leaving in just a few short weeks. how did time fly so fast? we're so old... 
i loved orem high and will ALWAYS be an orem high tiger. #tigerpride

grad night:

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