part two: an anniversary
may 30, 2012: onto part two of my amazing and special day. not only do i get to celebrate my graduation today, but a year anniversary with my darling davis chandler. there aren't enough words to describe how thankful i am to have him in my life. he's my best friend, my shoulder to cry on, my rock, my everything. i couldn't be happier than i am now. he is an amazing boy and i love him with all i've got. 

how it started.
this year has FLOWN past. it feels like yesterday davis was giving me our first kiss.
right here, is the very short version of how everything started.

sunday: while davis was with beto they saw i was online. davis and i had only met before one time and we barley remembered each other. somehow we were facebook friends. from what i hear, beto couldn't stop talking about me. he told davis to message me. "she's so hot man!" {hahaha} davis messaged me and we started talking. we exchanged numbers and started texting as much as we could. we decided that we wanted to meet up.

wednesday: davis and i texted the whole day and talked about our plans to get together that night. i had been swimming with my girlfriend's over at hunter's and was not feeling too cute afterwords. i was so nervous when i went to pick him up. i felt so ugly because a. i thought he was pretty cute. b. i had never hung out with him before. {girls, you know how it is} we went to cascade park with beto at...oh, one in the morning. the whole time i remember thinking, "what i am doing here? i want to go home." i couldn't exactly tell you why i felt this way, but for some odd reason i just felt weird being there with him and beto. you would think that after a weird night of wanting to go home the whole time that i wouldn't want to hang out with him again, wrong. there was something about davis that got me to come back. he was just too cute and had the greatest personality i couldn't resist. 
we started hanging out every day.

saturday: this is the first time davis and i hung out alone. i picked him up so we could go hang out with some friends. they took longer than they told had us they were going to, so we had some time to chat. we sat in my car in a random parking lot for an hour or so. we told each other stories about our familes, friends, and such. we got to know each other a lot better that night. when our friends finally came around, we had a fun night. we were out way past the sunrise. most of the night was spent hot tubing but we also made a beto's run and i watched the boys play a basketball game at scera park at 7:30 in the morning. 
this night, was the first time that anything "cute" happened between davis and i. i was getting tired from being out so late and while we were sitting in the back of our friend will's car, i nervously put my head on his shoulder. luckily i had made the right move because he put his arm around me and we cuddled.

sunday: the whole first week davis and i hung out, we went hot tubing a lot. we decided to go this night and got our swimming suits... well davis and his friends did. being a lame girl, i would made up an excuse why i didn't want to get in because i didn't want davis to see me in a swimming suit. {total regret that} we made our way to our normal hot tubing spot. when we arrived, there were a few intoxicated men there, one of which was a total creep. he was a 22 year old and he was flirting with me hard core. i was only 17 at the time. he kept asking me to give him hugs and for my number. it was very awkward for me. thankfully, davis could tell i was feeling very uncomfortable and he stepped up and protected me. he sat by me and was constantly talking to me to get the creep away. i was happy because davis wasn't just acting like he was interested in me, he actually was. luckily, when the creep saw this, he backed off. {hallelujah}. this was the first time davis held my hand.

tuesday: i watched davis play basketball for the first time. i went to watch with his best friend connor and connor's girl at the time, haley. after watching a few games we headed up to her house to watch a movie. we only ended up watching about 20 minutes of it before connor (our ride) had to leave. on our way home, davis sat in the back with me. while being all flirty and cute, davis said to me, "what would you have done if i would have kissed you during the movie?" dying inside i replied, "i would have kissed you back." before another word was spoken, davis kissed me. GAAAH. i died when this happened.
when we finally arrived back to my car davis got out to give me a hug and an unexpected kiss goodbye. i didn't see the second one coming at all. i drove home with my head in the clouds.

this boy stole my heart from the start and hasn't let it go since. he has a pretty firm grasp on it if you ask me. this past year has been amazing! i'm happy i was able to celebrate my graduation with him today! tonight we celebrate our anniversary by having a fun date night watching the playoff game at wingnutz. basketball, wings, and good company. what more could you ask for?


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