i am dreading tomorrow...
tomorrow is my last day of orem dance company, aka the only thing that kept me sane this school year.
i'm so sad that i have to leave this group of people. i'm going to miss everyone so much! i am going to miss dancing at half times and on the orem high stage. i am going to miss never going to school but always making sure i was there, just for dance company. i could always be myself in dance company. i could let loose and have no cares. it was always so much fun to go and dance with all my friends almost everyday. i'm going to miss being on presidency. ellie, maddie, naomi, liz, and i rocked it this year. 

i am going to miss my amazing director, hollie, the most. i'll miss her craziness. i'll miss the yells that we would constantly hear from her. {out of love of course}  she has taught me so many life lessons. she is always for me if i need someone to talk to. i could call her up at any time of day and she would stop what she was doing to help me or give me some advice. i'll miss sitting in her office and having "gossip hour". hollie is my second mom. she is such an amazing woman that i look up to more than anything.

dance company was the only thing i looked forward to all throughout my senior year. i'm crushed that it finally has to end. i knew it was coming, but i didn't know it would be this hard to say, "see you later".
 i will be back for gossip hour you can count on that. 


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