sydney taylor bruning is a person that i will forever hold close to my heart. 

i officially met sydney my junior year. i say officially because i had known who sydney was long before i got the chance to meet her. she was miss popular. she lived, what seemed, a perfect life. she was a dancer, as was i. she decided, along with a few of her other dance friends, to make the studio switch and come to where i danced, the vibe. everyone was excited for her to come. none of us knew her well, but we were all curious to see what she could bring to our team. she was very outgoing from day 1 and everyone learned to love her very quickly. not much time passed before sydney was one of my best friends...

through out the year, we had the chance to share many stages together. while dancing together, we were able to bond everyday in rehearsals.  i even got to travel to the other side of the world with her. she made me laugh the hardest i've ever laughed. she's done some of the most craziest things i've ever seen a girl do. she was always taking things to the next level. she was hilarious! now, all i have are those memories and photographs of our times. 

feb. 7, 2013 was the day everything changed. this was the day that i learned sydney had ended her life. this was one of the most challenging experiences that i've had to conquer in my 18 years of life.

we celebrated her birth yesterday. it was an amazing day dedicated to sydney. the weather was beautiful and everything was at peace. i was able to visit her for her big day. what a blessing it was to be able to go to her grave site with two of my {and sydney's} closest friends.

i was fortunate enough to be able to spend the evening celebrating with sydney's dearest friends and family. we ate her favorite foods and laughed about the amazing times we all got to spend with her. 

sydney is one of the amazing girls i have ever met. she was so selfless and cared so much about everyone. i miss her so much and there isn't a day that goes by that i don't think about our friendship. i am so lucky, because i was able to have sydney in my life. i wish she could have been here with me today so i could have given her a huge birthday hug and 18 spankings. 

i love you sweet girl. i hope you had an amazing birthday, partying hard like i know you would have if you would have been down here on earth with us. 


  1. Erika,
    I loveeeee reading your blog!
    I wish we would've been friends in highschool.
    But I just wanted to say that you are SO beautiful.
    And that your blog is my fav thing to read.
    Stay amazing

    1. Oh my gosh! Thank you soo much for reading and for the sweet complement! You're so adorable and I totally wish we would have been friends too! I added you to my blog roll!


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