hello from my back porch. blogging with the beautiful view of the golf course and the feel of the warm weather today. i wish i was lying next to a pool tanning at this current moment but instead, i write.

i am going to start living a healthier life. no more soda, junk food, candy, or pretty much any of the good stuff. i am going to start running and going to the gym more to take better care of myself. i want to slim down for summer and for college in the fall. i'm excited to make a change for ME. i want to be able to look at myself in the mirror and be happy with what i see. over last summer, i lost 10 pounds. then back in november, my mom and i did a diet together and i lost 15 pounds. i have never looked this slim or felt this good about myself in my whole life.

this go around, i won't be loosing that much weight, but i want to have a flat tummy and thinner thighs. the cool part is, is i know i can do it. i've done it before i can most defiantly do it again with some motivation. i want to be able to wear {this} so badly. (without the high waisted bottoms)
i want to be happy with the way i look. i'm happy now, don't get me wrong, but i know that there is much healthier version of me under this extra layer i've got going.

the picture on the right was me at the beginning of last summer. this is actually the first picture davis and i ever took together. i had just bought that dress about a week before this picture was taken. i thought i was the cutest things ever. this used to be my favorite picture. now i look at it and i hate it. it's crazy to me that i looked like that. that was 25 pounds ago. i can't even wear that dress any more. i put it on just the other day and it didn't fit the way it used to. wayyyy too big.
the picture on the left is me today. this picture was taken just last week at my graduation. that dress is the smallest dress i have ever purchased. it was crazy dress shopping for graduation because i would grab a size that i thought would fit me, but it would end up being too big. i'm still not used to shopping for smaller sizes. in a few months i'll be having to shop to even smaller sizes. {mind blowing}

when i look at these two pictures, the thing i notice the most is the shape of my face. it is completely different. i also can tell that my arms are much smaller, my boobs shrunk {about 2 or so sizes}, my stomach is flatter, and something you can't tell from the picture is that my thighs stronger and skinnier.

this is my mom and i back at jt's wedding (left) and at my graduation (right). we both look so different and are so happy now! my mom has made the biggest transformation. i mean look at her; she looks like a total babe. {milf?}

cheers to transformations. with some motivation, i can do it. 
i'm excited to have this blog to document my journey. 
i'll be keeping you all posted with my progress. 


one last thing. my dance teacher from school, hollie, texted me yesterday and asked me if i could sub her classes for her at the studio she teaches at tonight! i said yes and i am stoked. i am teaching two hour long classes ages 8-10 and 10-12. i made up a lyrical combo last night and i am stoked to teach tonight. i've never been paid to teach before, so this will be something new. i couldn't be more excited.


  1. I think we ALL have done so good!! Go US!! It's always so crazy looking at at comparing pictures. You're awesome!!

  2. I somehow stumbled across your blog and I LOVE it!!! You two are adorable!


    1. thank you soo much!!
      cute blog! i followed you!! :)


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