last night i was cursed with an insane case of insomnia. a case so severe, that it has kept me awake for more than 24 hours now. how am i still alive? well, that i'm still uncertain of... last night i tried to get a good night's sleep but, my heart was beating a million miles per hour and my mind was a mess of jumbled thoughts. as much as i wanted my brain to just shut down, it just wouldn't. since my mind was running on sleepless thoughts and my eyes wouldn't stay closed for even 30 seconds, i gave up sleep. i've manned up to this curse and moved forward with my day. surprisingly, i'm holding myself together quite nicely.

today i am thankful for 
1. the make-up that has covered the hideous bags that currently reside under my eyes.
2. for the cup of coffee i had this morning that was loaded with caffeine and sugar.
3. the warm shower that woke me up and made me realize that i wasn't in a dream and that i really had to get up move on with my day sleepless.

happy sunday.

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