i have a friend named q bailey. he got his mission call, like any other worthy mormon boy, and found out that he was going to serve the lord in salem, oregon, preaching in the spanish language. he was excited and began to prepare for his two year long journey. then something bizarre happened. a few days before our high school graduation, this young boy found that he was being preassigned. no more oregon. q enters the mtc on wednesday morning and for the past 2 weeks he has been unsure where he was going to serve. yesterday was his farewell. i picked up paige and we headed over to his church. we met up with ellie and hunter and had a good time enjoying each other's company during the farewell. q did an amazing job for not preparing a talk and just going off of notes about things he wanted to talk about. he gave a talk on personal peace. it was good to hear a friend speak about something that i found interesting since the last time i went to church was probably over a year ago. after hearing q's talk, we all headed to his house where he opened his brand new mission call. 

{soon to be} elder bailey is now called to serve in columbia, south carolina; still preaching in the spanish language. it is amazing how excited and calm he was about the whole change. he's prepared for months to go to oregon and 2 days before being ordained an elder, he has to refocus and prepare for a whole different area. i'm proud of q for stepping up to this crazy challenge. it's going to be a wild few days for him and his family having to buy the things he'll need for south carolina and returning the things they bought for oregon.

good luck elder bailey. we are all so proud of you!! 

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