the group minus one.
braden, lauren, davis,  donte and i
yesterday we had a fun filled day. the day started at lagoon. we all hoped in the car and headed our way up north. we stopped at cafe rio for lunch and then to the park. the first ride we went on was raging waters and i got completely soaked. then we continued on to all the other rides the park has to offer. my personal favorite is wicked, because i love roller coasters.
in line for wicked
amanda, braden, lauren, donte, davis, and i
on the sky lift.
after being in the hot sun for hours we were all pretty wore out and wanted to go for a swim. the elison family used to live up in kaysville and knew of a fun place that we could go.
sooo tired after a day in the sun.
we went to a waterpark called cherry hill. davis and his family have been going there for years and it was finally my turn to jump onto this family tradition. although i wasn't too excited to go at first, i had fun once i was there. it was fun to lay out and go on the few rides they have to offer.
over all, it was an amazing day spent in the sun with some awesome people. i finally started my summer tan.

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