HE DID IT and i am soo excited for him! it's been amazing to watch davis grow. i am stoked for him to start his amazing job and make his life exactly how he wants it to be. i am so grateful that i am apart of his life and that i have been by his side through this awesome journey. 
CONGRATS BOO. i love to you. 
tyler, davis, and their amazing teacher tony.

a few fun side notes!
#1 before davis' event, laci, davis and i went to in-n-out burger to have some lunch and celebrate his success. it was a yummy meal filled with burgers and way too many animal style fries.

#2 i finishing teaching at dance showcase's intensive. my strength training class went GREAT. it was hard for them, but they all pushed through like champs. i am sore as EVER and i bet they are too. walking up the stairs and sitting on the toilet are now a struggle for me and after lagoon and swimming yesterday {post to come} it's even worse.

#3 the crazy dog is gone. duncan left today and i am just a little excited. the cat has been in hiding for the past five days now and max has been more annoyed than ever. he was a pain in the butt but how can you resist those puppy eyes? it was a fun couple of days, but i'm happy the adhd (i swear! he is too hyper) dog is outta here.

life's great. can't wait to see what this week has in store.

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