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after over a month of having our whole orem dance company concert on dvd, i finally figured out how to rip the dvd to my computer and trim the whole thing down to just my solo. i'm proud of myself for figuring out something like that without having to run to davis for help.

i had soo much fun performing this solo. i took some of the choreography from a dance i did at vibe (choreographed by the brilliant erica sobol) but most of the choreo is my own... actually almost all of it. i would have to say that this is some of the best choreography i have even done. good thing it was my best work, because all my friends from school and now you readers and seeing it. my director hollie told me that when i performed my solo, it was the best she had ever seen my dance so i really hope you all enjoy it. it took a lot of hard work and perfecting to get it to look just the way i wanted it to and i am so happy with the way it turned out. most of the time, i watch dance videos of myself and just point out everything i did wrong, but for once it was different. i was so surprised at how well i looked. i'm not trying to sounds cocky or anything, but i think i looked great and i am so happy that i was able to perform this solo as one of my last dances on the orem high stage. 

sorry these photos are blurry. i didn't have pictures from the actually performance so i just screen shotted these from the video!

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