it's late at night. i'm sitting in my room looking through old pictures and decided i wanted to take it back to my california trip with davis! back in march, davis and i set out on a road trip to california for my birthday. this is honestly the most fun trip i have ever been on. (other than the fact that i was sick the whole time...)

our first day there was my birthday. we started the day out by heading to downtown los angeles to go to the elison's favorite place, olvera street. davis and his family have been coming here for years and he wanted me to try out their famous tequitos. let's just say they were soo yummy and worth the la traffic.
after olvera, we went to university walk at universal studios to do some shopping.
that night we went to benihanas  for my birthday dinner.

the next morning we woke up early and went to california adventures. this and disneyland were our main reasons for coming all the way to california. it was a blast. i felt like a little kid again.
the following day was spent in disneyland which was even better than california adventures. i hadn't been in disneyland in years and it was soo fun to be there with davis.

after two amazing days at the happiest place on earth, we decided to travel a little bit and make our way to the beach. we weren't sure which beach to go to and after talking with our families we wanted to check out newport. we got some yummy seafood and had fun walking along the beach. it wasn't the warmest of days so we didn't get to hope in the ocean and lay out but i loved having my feet in the sand and hearing the waves crash.

we were in cali a total of 10 days so this is when my days get a little jumbled, but i'll still fill you in. 
we had the chance one day to go to knott's berry farm. it wasn't as fun as we expected and a lot more expensive, but we still had a good time.

the highlight of the trip was when we were able to attend a lakers game. it was very hard to find tickets and we ended up having to buy them from random people selling them outside. we didn't have the greatest seats. we also didn't get to see our favorite player kobe play due to an injury. the experience was amazing though and i am so happy that i got to go see davis' favorite team play. this was davis' first time to a lakers game so it was pretty exciting for him (mine too).

overall these are the highlights from our trip. it was AMAZING and if i could go back right now, i would in a heart beat. i had the greatest birthday and was soo happy i was able to spend it in such an awesome place with such an awesome person. it couldn't have been more perfect.


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