Yes, i'm using this picture again even though it's in my last post. it's my new favorite.
today, i am one proud girlfriend. this boy is doing some amazing things for himself. this is a very important time in his life and i get to be right by his side through it all. i don't want to go into much detail because this is personal, but i just wanted to take a minute to tell everyone how excited i am for him and how proud i am of him. i just can't contain my excitement. i have to share.

davis has had somewhat of a rough past and he is taking the steps to repair the damage and do some great things. it makes me soo happy to see how happy he is because of these steps he is taking. now, davis has always been the most cheerful guy in the room no matter where he goes, but lately i have seen a different type of happiness bursting through him. i can tell that davis is happier because of these changes he is making for himself. by him making these changes, it is not only helping himself become happier, but it is helping our relationship stronger. we have always had an amazing relationship, but because davis is taking the steps to make his life better, it is making our relationship better. i have never seen davis soo excited to do something. he is happier than he has ever been, which of course makes me happier than ever.

it is so exciting to see how proud his parents are. i know this is hard for davis to not have them here in utah, but they are doing an amazing job of showing him how much they care about him and love him. i wish they were here to see how happy he is, but at least they are only a phone call away. they are always sending him encouraging texts and call him all the time to tell him how proud they are. they are always telling davis about how much they tell their friends and family members about davis' success. i know that is motivation for him to keep doing amazing things. who doesn't like making their parents proud?

i have never been more proud of davis. i have seen him grown as a person through out this past year. he is truly an amazing guy with such a huge heart. he has matured a lot and is an amazing example to me that i can do whatever i set my mind to. he set his mind to making a change, and he is doing it. he gives me the motivation i need to make changes in my life to make me happier.

I LOVE YOU DAVIS. i am so proud of you. i knew that you could do it and you proved everyone wrong that thought you couldn't. you are such an amazing example to me and all your friends. you are showing everyone that anyone can do anything. nothing is impossible. i can't wait to see what else you are going to do with your life because i know that you are going to do such great things. i have never seen you smile so much. thank you for being my motivation and my best friend. it makes my heart swell with joy to see you doing such awesome things. keep it up boo. i am so grateful to have you in my life. you have changed me for the better. i can't wait to see our relationship grow and see what we can do together. let's conquer the world.


  1. Awee what the crap, thats the most sweetest thing ever! Dang that really touched me, hahaha I can tell you really love your man. He will give you the worls I know davis will because he has a huge heart for you. Dont forget to invite me to the wedding :)
    Love you both , lataushia <3

    1. I sure do. I am so proud of him it's crazy! But if and when there's a wedding you'll be invited, but it won't be for a long time if it happens. You'll be having a wedding WAY before me so Davis and I better be getting the invite! love you!

  2. This is so sweet! You two are adorable


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