this past weekend was the event that all orem residents live for, summerfest. i used to LOVE going to summerfest. i loved the zipper (and still do), it's the only ride i can have fun on without feeling sick. i don't really like the rides where you spin around in a million circles until you want to puke. that's pretty much all they offer other than the zipper. now that i have grown up a little bit,  i have realized that summerfest is where all the jr. high skanks come out and try and find a boy to make out with. sure, there is still some fun in the whole event and not everyone there is a "jr. high skank" but let's just say, it doesn't appeal to me much anymore. luckily, there are still a few activities that i find enjoyable at this festival.

every summer since ninth grade, i have had the opportunity to help the kofford's promote cooper's run in the summerfest parade. cooper's run is a 5k/fun run to show respect and gratitude to the ems, police officers, and fire fighters who were there the day of coop's passing.  i'm blessed to have met and known sweet little cooper and love being able to celebrate him! find out more about cooper's story and cooper's run at coopersrun.org. come participate; it isn't just for those serious runners, there is something fun for everyone to do!

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after the parade, davis and i watched the annual firework show on the baseball fields. it was fun to grab a blanket and watch the pretty lights burst up in the sky with my main squeeze. it was also fun to try and take cool pictures with our phones of the fireworks. davis always beats me in the photography aspect but i did descent tonight.

photo credit to davis for the rest of these firework pictures.

over all it was a fun night at the summerfest. what is even better than summerfest is strawberry day's in pleasant grove. i am extremely excited for this next weekend. i am so ready to get myself a cup of some strawberries and cream. YUM. there's nothing better!


  1. i love the firework picture at the top! love love love

    1. Thank you! My boy toy, Davis, actually took that one!


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