wednesday morning i was sitting in my kitchen when i received a text message from one of my dearest and sweetest friends ever, ellie. it said, "EVERYONE! i'm opening my mission call tonight at 8. COME." surprised, i texted back, "WHAT? you're going on a mission? why didn't you tell me?" i came to find out she didn't tell anyone, not even her closest of friends. such a typical ellie move. she is such a good secret keeper.
at 8 o'clock i headed over to ellie castle and waited for her to open her mission call. sister smith has been called to serve in auckland, new zealand and will be speaking mandarin chinese! the coolest part, both of ellie's parents spoke mandarin on their missions!
i am so excited for this perfect friend of mine. i couldn't be more grateful for her friendship. she is such an amazing girl and i am so happy that i get to call her one of my best friends.
i love you ellie! congrats!

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