LOVE my sissy sue laci lou.
last night davis, laci, and i finally went to see the great gatsby. i read the book my junior year and loved it. i had been dying to see the movie for a long time. i had heard from a lot of people that if you had read the book, you wouldn't like the movie as much, but i went in with no expectations. i really loved the movie! i LOVE leonardo dicaprio. (BABE ALERT). i figured i would like the movie since the director who directed this film, also directed one of my favorite movies ever, romeo + juliet. as much as i liked the movie, i thought it was just a little bit too long, but oh well. along with the movie i also love the soundtrack. i got it the day it came out and listened to it for hours. i would totally recommend seeing the movie if you haven't had the chance to yet and also buying the cd. 

also, i loved the thunder, lightning, and rain yesterday. i wish it would rain some more since it's been SOOO hot around here, but i shouldn't complain about the heat since i doesn't last long.

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