yesterday i was luckly enough to spend the 4th of july with davis' family up at the johnson mill. we started the day with a beautiful walk around the property. there is a lot much land up there and so much to look at that the walk wasn't just a little one. they have waterfalls, a huge pond, fire pits, gazebos, and more.
after hanging out a for a while and cleaning up for dinner everything was finally ready! we had some yummy steak on a stick. of course we had the traditional 4th of july food: watermelon, chips, soda, cold slaw, etc. the best part was the homemade ice cream. they made mint, lemon, and strawberry. the families favorite is lemon and after trying all three i definitely jumped on board with them. it was delicious. 
davis, braden, and i lovin' our food
photo credit: aunt liz
after dinner, we watched the midway fireworks burst right over the johnson mill pond. it was beautiful. the reflection of the lights was right on the water. after the firework show put on by the city, we had our own firework show on the dock. the kids loved picking out which fireworks to set off. the lively family came with a HUGE box of about one hundred fireworks to choose from.
it was so fun to hang out with the johnson's for my favorite holiday! this was my first 4th of july up at the mill and i loved every second of it. it is always beautiful up there and the johnson family is always a hoot.
{i love this boy right here and i am so grateful to have him in my life. he puts up with so much from me. he does the nicest things for me. he is always there for me. he is my best friend.  i don't know what i would do without this babe.}
i am so grateful for this country that we live in and for the many troops who have fought and still are continuing to fight for our freedom.
hope you all enjoyed your 4th. 

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