darrien, braden, adam, mellonie, davis, liz, and i
on friday, i went with davis' family to watch his uncle adam in the thrillionaires improv comedy show. i wasn't sure what to expect since i've only been to one comedy show before. i was more than impressed and laughed sooo hard. my stomach even hurt from laughing so much. adam and a group of 3 other guys put on the funnest comedy show. they played some funny games and at the end put on a 45 minute improv musical for us. it was one of the funnest things i've ever seen. it was very low key, just in a small piano shop in pleasant grove, but it was perfect. i had so much fun laughing and having a good time. afterwards, we all headed to the nearest del taco and indulged in soft tacos and mild sauce. boy it was good.

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