Sometimes I get bored and have my mom take pictures of me in the backyard, no big deal. She has some pretty flowers out there and has been keeping it looking so nice all summer long. I love my backyard even though it's small. The view of the golf course makes the smallness alright in my book. I love watching the golfers when I sit out on the back porch. It's so relaxing. I LOVE where I live. 
top: f21// pants: f21// shoes: target// earrings: pac sun// bracelets: f21

Also, here is a song that I have rather enjoyed lately.  I've been listening to Pandora a lot recently and my new favorite station is Purity Ring radio. If you like this song, then you'll most definetly like Purity Ring radio. My favorite part of the song is at 35 seconds. AHH. The first time I heard it I had to look it up just to listen to that part again. It makes me want to dance in a studio and improv or choreograph. My mom and her co-workers didn't understand why I LOVED the part at 35 so I'm not sure if you wil either... Being a dancer I notice all the little off beats and weird things in the back of the music that you don't really hear unless you listen for it. So if you can figure out why I love it, than congrats. If not, then just enjoy the song. Music is seriously amazing.

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