today i realized how much i love being in the dance studio. it is seriously where i belong. although i don't regret not dancing at one this past year, i am grateful for the years i did get to spend in one. i am very lucky that i danced at such a professional studio and was able to have some pretty amazing training and opportunities. the vibe was literally my second home. i honestly believe i spent more time dancing than i did at home. now it's exciting to be able to walk into the studio and not be the student anymore. it's fun being the one in charge. i love helping these girls get better because i know i can. it's totally different {and kind of weird} walking into a studio that isn't my own. nobody knows me {except hollie} and i feel a little out of place. luckily, i'll be spending more time at dance showcase and things will become normal.

today i got to teach three jazz classes and had a blast. surprisingly, i had the hardest time with the seven and eight year old kiddos. i have never had the opportunity to teach kids that age until today and must admit, i was a little unprepared for it. i still had a great time and believe i did a good job. i'm excited to go back on thursday to teach three contemporary {my favorite style} classes. i will definitely be more prepared and hopefully everything goes smoothly.

i'm still in need of advice. i am teaching three strengthening/work out classes on friday and i a little clueless on what i should do. if you have any ideas for me i would much appreciate it. the ages are seven through eight, 9 through eleven, and twelve and up. i'm thinking that i will do the pretty much the same class for all three ages seeing that working out isn't too technical. i don't want the classes to be too hard, but still effective. PLEASE let me know. anything will help me out. xoxoxo


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