for the next couple of days we get to have not only one dog in our house but two. while my step brother and his wife are away on a trip, we get to watch over their dog, duncan. this guy is a huge ball of energy. he is a little crazy and hard to handle at times, but we'll manage. his bark is pretty annoying and it rarely ever stops. other than that, i like him and think he's pretty cute. he just runs and around and sniffs stuff all day. now there's somebody in our house that isn't too excited for duncan's visit...

this guy isn't too happy with this whole other dog thing. since max is getting older, and he is as fat as can be, he doesn't like to play with duncan too much. now, duncan on the other hand... he is a complete spaz and is constantly jumping on max to try to get him to play. max doesn't like this one bit and growls and tries to run away from him. {he can't run too fast though haha}.
i guess max is just going to have to deal with duncan for a few days. maybe they'll become best friends.

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