most sundays around our house are very very lazy. they mostly consist of long naps and movie marathons. yesterday, davis and i decided to get our bums in the kitchen and make some yummy cookies! seeing that we both aren't too great in the kitchen, we just used cookie dough and didn't make anything from scratch. we're pathetic, but we still had fun.
don't tell davis i posted this... he'll kill me.
2 random side notes... 
#1 today, janet, the owner of dance showcase called me and asked me to teach some classes this week. i taught there at the beginning of the month and luckily they liked me and want me to come back. i got to teach these cuties (and other group of darling girls i didn't get a picture of) and loved every second of it.

hollie, my orem dance company director, hooked it up since dance showcase is where she teaches. i am teaching tomorrow, thursday, and friday from 9:30-12:30. i'm teaching jazz technique, contemporary, and strength training/fitness. i am prepared and ready to teach jazz and contemporary but i'm a little stumped on what to do for strength training. 
if you have any ideas for what i could do PLEASE let me know. i am teaching three 50 minutes classes. 7-8 year olds, 9-11 year olds, and 12 and up. i want to teach a fun class that isn't too hard for them. i also don't want it to be too easy and be effective. let me know!! 

#2 i am selling some of my gently/never used clothes! check out the link {here} or click on the for sale. tab at the top of the page!


  1. i absolutley love dance showcase, i used to dance there but then i went to vibe! and i want to audition for the competition team but i'll be out of town:( be yourself- for sure they will love you!

    1. you dance at vibe? that is my blood! i danced there for 5 and half years. i didn't dance there my senior year because i was too busy, but i went to hong kong with them and was on live to dance! how long have you danced there and what company are you on?

    2. oh, i just reread your comment! you should talk with mindy and michelle and tell them you want to try out but you'll be gone and i'm sure they could figure something out so you still can! it is such a fun place and you will have some amazing opportunities!


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