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i loved this cute idea and although i wasn't tagged, i still wanted to participate. i got the idea from two different blogs, rylee blake and the love crush. i love both of their blogs and think these two girls are soo adorable. i will be stealing the questions from both of their blogs instead of just one because i liked the questions on both posts!
let's get things started.
1. take a picture of your outfit today! name your favorite thing about what you're wearing or give us a little note about your personal style and what it means to you.

here is today's lovely outfit. everything i'm wearing (expect my shoes) is from forever 21. i love shopping there because you can always find cute stuff that isn't too expensive. i wish i had better style. i see some girls and just wish i could trade closets with them. i don't have too many clothes so i try and make it work with what i've got. a lot of my clothes are old. i haven't gone shopping since march, but i still love them. i like my personal style. i love to dress up and be girly, but i also love to dress down and wear a hoodie. my style is sometimes all over the place, but i like it.

i would have to say that my favorite part of my outfit is my shoes. i got these at forever young shoes and i am always trying to find a time to wear them. they are comfy and i can wear them all day without having my feet ache. i love the color and the fact that i am a pro at walking in heels. all that dancing in high heels helped me out in the long run after all.

2. why do you blog and what do you find to be the most rewarding thing that has come from it?
well, i'm not exactly new to the whole blogging scene. i have had a blog since 2007. it wasn't very cute and i didn't have very many readers, but looking back at it makes me laugh until my stomach hurts. i stopped blogging last year and didn't even think about blogging again until recently. my girlfriend, hunter, inspired me to start again because of how cute her blog was. i loved the photos she shares of herself. she is also a great writer and her posts are always so fun to read. i knew from the start that her blog would put mine to shame, but i still wanted to take a go at it again. what i find most rewarding is when i have people tell me they read my blog. i love when friends tell me they liked a post or when strangers take the time to tell me that they looked around my blog. it is fun to share my photos and experiences and know that people find my life interesting. it's pretty cool.

3. who is your role model or go to person that you can tell anything to?

i'm sure you all saw this coming from a mile away... DAVIS is both my role model and my go to person that i can tell anything. i have told davis some things that i have never EVER told anyone. i trust him more than anyone in the world. i look up to him in soo many ways. lately, he has been doing some anything things with his life and is showing me that i can do whatever i set my mind to. he is my motivation to do better things and my best friend.

4. spill, what's your guilty pleasure?
i have a few. my first one is anything sweet. i love desserts. chocolate, ice cream, brownies... you name it and i probably like it. i have a hard time saying no to something delicious. 
my second guilty pleasure is cuddling. i love to cuddle. who doesn't? although i love it at anytime, my favorite time to cuddle is when i am sad or upset. i good cuddle sesh can always lighten up my mood and make my feel better.

5. do you have a favorite national of cultural holiday? why?
my favorite holiday is christmas. i don't love the holiday because i get to get things i've been wanting all year (although that's a plus.) i love the spirit of christmas. i love the songs, the lights, the family parties, the food and soo much more. it is so fun to spread the cheer and make other people's christmas' great. i love giving gifts to people and making them feel special. everyone is happier around christmas time.
i also love my birthday. birthday's are so much fun. i believe that a birthday is your very own personal holiday.

6. any beauty secrets you're currently loving?
i don't have an 'secrets' but my favorite thing i use to beautify myself everyday is my eyelash curler. i love curling my lashes. i love the look of long lashes and desperately wish i had my extensions again. until i get around to that, i will be using my eyelash curler to it's full advantage to make my lashes long and luscious. 

and there you have it. six things that you didn't know about me before. now i'm suppose to tag people and give out some questions, but instead i want everyone to participate! use my six questions from above. (or check out rylee's blog for a few more) be sure to comment and let me know if you do this because i want to read and get to know you! good luck!

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