davis and i experienced a strawberry days failure. satuday night, davis and i drove up to strawberry days not to ride the rides or talk with any friends; the whole purpose of our trip was to get strawberries cream. i had been wanting to go up to the fair and get some all week and saturday davis and i finally drove up there. SOO excited, we parked the car and hurried to get in line. we get in the line and after about 30 seconds of waiting the guy inside the trailer yells, "12 left!" 12 LEFT!? we were almost to the front and thought maybe we had a chance of getting our hands on a cup of strawberries and cream. about 15 seconds later we hear, "6 left!" and before we knew it, they were gone. no strawberries and cream for me. :( sad and disappointed, we took this picture and headed back to the car to go home. I AM SO BUMMED. i was literally craving strawberries and cream and had been waiting for this event for weeks. just my luck right? 
davis and i are thinking that since we didn't get to buy any of the fair, we will make our own. i'll have to let you know how that goes because it will be happening soon since my craving is far from gone.


  1. they sell the cream they use at maceys in pg, super yummy!

    1. Oh my gosh! so helpful!! thank you so much! i am seriously going to go get some this week and make my own!


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