happy father's day to these three men.

my father, eric. 
this is my dad and although he isn't around, he always does his best to make sure that i have what i need to live out this busy life of mine. he is a crazy guy who curses, doesn't care what people think about him, tickles  me waaaayyyy too much when he's here, and is easy to talk to about anything. i'm so thankful for what he does for me.

my step father, jeff.
jeff has been in my life for as long as i can remember. he has done soo much for me. he has helped me out a lot in my life and is an awesome guy. even though i can't tell the difference in his voice when he is calling me downstairs to tell me something 'nice' or if he is calling me to get after me for something, he's still awesome. i appreciate everything he does for me. 

my grandpa, bob burr.
this man is the greatest examples in my life. he is an incredible man that has done so much with his life. i look up to him in soo many ways. he has done many, many things for me throughout my life. so many things that i couldn't possibly express my gratitude in words for all things he's done. 

i love all three of these amazing men. 
happy father's day to you guys! i hope your day is spent exactly the way you want it to be spent and that you are happy and cheerful all day long. you deserve it.

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